A Blue Tanker with a M134 Minigun
Команда Blue\Red
Кем был Unknown
Системное название Tanker

Tanker is a playable faction in Counter-Strike Online for Metal Arena mode. It is unavailable in other modes.


Level Strength Attack Power (%)
1 1000 60
2 1080 77
3 1160 94
4 1240 111
5 1320 128
6 1400 145
7 1480 162
8 1560 179
9 1640 196
10 1720 213
11 1800 230
12 1880 247
13 1960 264
14 2040 281
15 2120 298
16 2280 332
17 2360 349


  • They have the highest amount of heal obtainable.

Tactics when using Tanker

  • If you have a SKULL-9, combine it with Mach Booster and Stun Particle to deal fatal damage against the others. A direct hit will kill Riflemen and Hectors instantly (make sure you have upgraded all the abilities first before hunting Hector).
  • Shotguns are the suitable weapon for this class, especially the Volcano.
  • Use the Charge ability to escape from Targeted Plasma Bombs from Riflemen or when you are stunned due to a Tanker enemy.

Tactics when facing a Tanker user

  • Avoid going directly to him as you are giving a way easy to shoot you.
  • Targeted Nuclear Bombs are the best way to deal with them.
  • Get back to your base if you are surrounded by Tankers.


These weapons are usable by the tankers:

Sealknife.png Hdagger.png Balisong icon.png Axe.png Combatknife gfx.png Mastercombatknife gfx.png Knifedragon.png Skullaxe gfx.png Dragontail.png

Mp5.png MP5 White Tiger MP5 White Gold

M4 icon.png Icon usas cso.png USAS-12 Camo Gatling.png

M134 gfx.png M134 X-mas M134 Predator


  • Tanker can be equipped with M134 Minigun (including its variants), a knife or Shotguns.
  • The most suitable weapon for the Tanker is the Gatling, because it has epic damage and the Tanker can run while using it.
  • The Counter-Terrorist's Tanker resembles the Titan when it is wielding the M134 Minigun.
  • This character is not available for Singapore/Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam as well as Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies, because Meta Arena is not released in those regions.
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